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Natasha Chamberlin

Joined Nov 5 2010
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Bexhill, England
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Hi my name is Natasha Chamberlin, I am an Aquarian I am also Zimbabwean but moved to England eight years ago because of the situation in Zimbabwe. I am a full time mom and housewife, I have two beautiful little girls aged 9 and 3 and I am happily married. I love arts and crafts, dancing and singing, cookery and gardening, the outdoors and also spending quality time with my friends and family.

I have been psychic for as long as I can remember. My mother, aunt and grandmother are psychic too. I have an amazing memory where I can remember things from 2 years old onwards. As from the age of two I began to see, feel and hear what was considered strange things.



I am able to talk to, hear and see spirits of all shapes and forms. I also find that when I am feeling very angry or down that electrical products start to behave oddly or break. When I have felt like this, I have many experiences of such things as light bulbs blowing, computers crashing, televisions flicking on and off and even giving people small electric shocks when I touch them.


I find that I relate well to animals and I have a great love for them too. I am able to feel and know when an animal is ill or is going to die. I have a deep hunger inside of me to try to heal and help everyone; animals, plants and people alike. If someone I know has mislaid a possession, I find that they come to me as I seem to be able to find things no matter how strange a place they are in.


I have vivid dreams and am visited many times in my dreams by spirits who give me messages. I have also found that many of my dreams have come true. People also come to me to make sense of their dreams, as I seem to have a good understanding of their meaning.


I have had the experience of helping a spirit to cross over and follow the light before. It was a mischievious spirit who haunted me for years and one day I just had enough. I do not know where I found the strength, but I picked up my bible and began to read scriptures and say prayer. Then I found myself telling the spirit to follow the light. It went and I have not seen it since.


I have seen shadow people many times, most recent was July 2009 in my kitchen. I find I am also a very good judge of character and can tell how a person is feeling, just by talking to them or even walking past them. This is not always a good thing as sometimes their feelings will stick with me and I find it hard to shift their emotions.


 I always seem to know who is on the phone or if someone will visit before they do. I also sometimes find that I have a strong feeling that something significant is going to happen, before it actually does. In everyday situations, such as walking in a supermarket, I can walk past someone and get flashes of things in that person's life.



Only recently I have started to receive signs letting me know that I need to be aware of certain things. I am grateful for the help as it has saved us from a house fire and a possible burglary. I also received a warning sign once, which saved me from being hit by a car. The signs I receive come to me in various ways. Usually I find that one of my senses heightens.


I first performed readings for my friends and family when I was 20 and have only recently in the past year or so started to perform readings for people who I do not know. To date, my readings have been considered accurate and helpful. Helping people is a integral part of my life and by performing the readings I feel I am helping to make a positive difference in that persons life.


I may not always get everything exactly right but I do try my best to help as much as I can. I feel I should be clear that some of the points I make may be relevant to the past, present or future. Sometimes when performing readings, spirits will come me to pass on information or messages.



I am also on Facebook.


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Reply Jay
12:55 PM on January 14, 2012 
Hello, Natasha.

I just wanted to pop along and say thank you for the friend request.

So I see youre a psychic, thats quite interesting. Do you feel those traits will be passed down to your children?

While I generally come across these types of things with caution, I do like your dedication to thinking in that way, and believing it in yourself. Takes quite the person. And I say this with the upmost respect.

I hope we can talk more in the future.

- Jay
Reply snukij
11:56 AM on November 5, 2010 
Welcome to my website Natasha! I am very honored to have members like you. I hope that you will start with very interesting topics linked to the paranormal. Thanks for joining!

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