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The Voice

Posted by snukij on July 7, 2011 at 2:20 PM

The Voice of Ghost


Back in 2003 I was living in a duplex apartment with my roommate in the city of Rialto in Southern California. I was home alone and like I would spend most my time I was sitting in front of my computer surfing the internet.

I have lived here for a while and ever since I moved in I felt a strange presence in the apartment. I often was alone there but I always thought there was a ghost or something living there with us. The weird thing is that the feeling that I had and that my friend had was that it was a female ghost that was living there with us.

So anyway there I am home alone and im playing my guitar in front of the computer and suddenly I hear a haunting female voice say “I can hear you”. I stopped playing and quickly turned around looking to see if anyone came home. No one was home I was alone. I checked my computer to see if a popup window opened or anything for an excuse or reason for the voice. But it suddenly became clear that i was home alone. I started to play my guitar again to see if the ghost voice would speak again but this time I asked out loud “is anyone there?”

To my surprise I heard the ghost voice again say “I can hear you.” I started freaking out because this ghost, this voice was actually answering me. I mean I have gone through life seeing strange haunting things one could only associate with a haunted house or a spirit, ghost, what ever you want to call it but this time the ghost actually spoke back to me. So now I was a lil freaked out and started to pack up my guitar and the ghost voice spoke one more time, this time she said “Don’t you love me anymore?”

What do you say to something like that? Especially if you live in this house and now I have a female ghost asking if I love her? Well I did what anyone would do and I left the house lol. I called my friend to come over and hang out with me but didnt tell him what happened.

He and I were watching TV and we were going to get some food but I decided to take a shower first. I never mentioned what happened earlier that day and he watched TV while I got ready to leave. While I was getting out the shower I hear my friend start yelling my name Randy, Randy!!! I open the door and ask whats happeneing and he’s sitting on the couch freaked out. I put on my clothes and go out to the living room and he starts to tell me that he heard a womens voice start asking “if he loved her” while I was in the shower. I told him what happened earlier that day and we left the house.


by Anonymous

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Reply dwight aloysuis mcglumphy
3:54 PM on December 10, 2011 
ok so i was just about to go to sleep nobody was in the house exept me my mom and dad im young like 10 young and i just felt like something was going to happen my mom and dad are sleeping so all the sudden boom there it is i here a female say i love you so i fliped and went to sleep
Reply felioness
5:07 PM on June 23, 2013 
Very interesting...did any more incidents occur or did you move out at that point?

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