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My First Apartment (Ghost)

Posted by snukij on October 25, 2010 at 12:54 PM

In 2003 when my hubby and i were dating we moved into our first apartment. The first night there we slept in the living room on an air mattress since our furniture wouldn't be there for a couple more days. Anyway My husband woke me up flipping out. He said there was a man standing at the foot of the mattress. I had to be at work by 5am that morning. When I got home he told me that he felt someone crawl into bed with him. When we got our furniture and started sleeping in our room it got even crazier. We would hear children in the hallway giggling, feel something in the bed and something whispering in our ears. One morning when I was getting ready for work I was sitting in the living room putting on my shoes and I heard foot steps, i glanced up and briefly saw a man. I about tinkled myself and ran out of the apartment. I have had something yell in my ear to "Wake up!"

My friend Dave from the apartments was murdered and a couple months after I had something in my ear telling me to "Let Dave in." My bathtub would turn itself on. I had maintenance come look at it and he couldn't see anything worng with it. Well it turned on when he was finishing up. He left and said he would be back later. He never came back and refused to come to my apartment, so another guy had to come. Everytime someone would come stay with us they would never stay again. My sister said she saw a man and described him to the T. We never told people about it until they experienced it.

It wasn't only my apartment. A friend in the building across from us said she kept seeing a child running in her apartment and things would fly out of the cabinets or off the counters. A few of us were at her apartment one day and we heard a big crash and glass breaking. We went into the kitchen and there were dishes broken all over the floor.

The whole complex had similar things happen. I had a friend come and bless the apartment and nothing happened again.We stayed for 3 more years.I now sleep with my ears covered with my blankets and we have a nightlight. I don't know if I will ever sleep without one gain.

My former place of employment is very active. I have even caught one on audio. I was using my phone to record a song on the radio and when I played it back I heard someone say "More!" The wierd thing is that I was turning the radio up a little bit because It was too low. You can hear me turning it up in the recording and right after is the voice. I never went back into my office alone again. I played it for eveyone there and they then told me that the hotel found dead homeless people back there. Thats why the doors back there are always locked. I always heard people talking or walking in the ballroom around me.



by Lilin

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