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Scary Seance Experience

Posted by snukij on March 28, 2014 at 12:55 AM Comments comments (0)

Hidden Spirit


I became interested in the supernatural at about age 7. My brother and I fooled with ouija boards, later we conducted seances, and once we even tried to conjure up the devil in an old convent graveyard at midnight.

While our activities almost always produced discernable results, they lacked the material proof we really wanted to substantiate our experiences. Finally, as teenagers, we sought to procure that proof.

We gathered several friends together in a quite room for the purpose of conducting a seance. At one end of the room we placed a tape recorder. The participants sat around a circular table, in the center on which burned a single candle. The chairs, the individuals were connected by a web of threads, to provide evidence of individual cheating.

The lights were dimmed, the group held hands; we centered our attention on the flame of the candle, and willed the manifestation of a paranormal presence.

At first, there was silence. I felt a cold breeze over my feet. The tension in the room increased enormously, but nothing happened. We ended the seance, and our friends went home.

Though my brother and I were sorely disappointed by the lack of results, we decided we would listen to the tape, if for nothing else than formalities sake. What we heard was chilling.

A short while after everyone joined hands and settled down, there was a profound change in background noise. I can best describe it as the sound of rushing water. Then, coming from some point in the room and going towards (and up to) the tape recorder, were what sounded like the footsteps of someone who was limping. When they reached the taperecorder, there came the sound of a bell ringing. The footseps receaded, the bell sounded again, the sound of rushing water stopped, and, on the tape were our voices; the seance ended.

No one consiously experienced anything that was recorded on that tape. We were there, and whatever anyone else might say, we were there. It scared the hell out of us, and thirty years later, it still chills me. Since then, I have never actively persued contacting spirits.


by Jackie


My Mothers Ghost Story

Posted by snukij on September 6, 2012 at 6:00 AM Comments comments (2)

Strange Lights



This story happened to my mother when she was 18years old, and my mother has never lied to me in her life.

My mother was babysitting a young girl at an old house in Paradise point, Australia. She had just finished tucking her in bed for the night and went downstairs to watch television. Some time later she saw the lights in the upstairs hallway turn on, so she headed back upstairs to turn them off, not thinking anything of it. About an hour after that they turned on again so she went upstairs into the little girls room. She was still stirring so my mother asked her to stop turning on the lights, to which she replied “Im not”. Mum thought this was strange but shes not a tight believer in unexplained cicumstances.

Going back to bed mum fell asleep on the couch.

In the morning, the little girls mother returned after a long night of working, she saw her daughter wearing a new dress and thanked my mother for buying it for her. My mother insisted she had not bought her a dress and then asked the little girl where she got it from. The girl said ” an old lady woke me up last night and said she made it for me as a present.” My mother and the lady looked at each other and went to find out the history of the dress from a dressmaker.

Apparently the materials used where over 100 years old. They were also told that an aboriginal berrial ground used to be in the suburb of paradise point where she lived, until developers built houses over it.

When my mother told me this story I got a shiver because I honestly believe there is more in this world than what we see.

by Danielle  (Gold Coast, Australia)

Strange Happenings

Posted by snukij on March 15, 2012 at 7:40 PM Comments comments (0)

Ghost in the Fog


It had been a long day at the office, all I wanted to do was have a relaxing evening. My roommates worked the night shift so I knew that the house would be all mine for the evening-or so I thought.Stumbling into the house dead tired, I sat down on the couch to find the television on. Thinking nothing of it, I thought about how I would need to kill whoever was racking up our electric bill. As my anger subsided I strolled into the kitchen to grab a beer. I nearly flipped my lid after noticing that someone had also left the burner on. Someone was indeed going to catch hell upon their return from work.Incredibly frustrated, cooked a frozen pizza and began to finally relax and enjoy some television. Being so exhausted, I dozed off for a minute with the television still blaring. I was awoken by a thump outside the door on the balcony. We stored our extra lawn chairs out there and have had instance of cats and woodland creatures somehow getting onto our balcony so I ignored it and went back to bed.About an hour later I was woken up again by the same sound. Tired of the distractions and hellbent on getting some rest, I grabbed a broom with the intention of ridding our balcony of these furry creatures once in for all. As I stepped out onto the balcony, I saw no signs of life. In an attempt to catch a glimpse of the culprit I looked over the balcony rail.To my bewilderment and horror, I saw a glimpse of a woman standing below me staring directly at me. Though it was a clear night, her silhouette appeared as though she was in a deep fog. Her eyes were blank and indifferent as she gazed at me from below. My heart was racing faster than it ever had and I managed to utter -hello? With that, she slowly turned around and vanished into the treeline without a sound or a trace.The memory still haunts me to this day and I have not seen her since. Like a paranormal prankster, the ghost had entered my home, performed bewildering deeds and waited to be seen.

by Reginald M.

Favourite Grandson

Posted by snukij on August 27, 2011 at 6:35 PM Comments comments (0)

Shadow Man Photo


One of my biggest experience happened when I was about 8 years old. I lived in an old house in Torrance, California at that time.

My parents were the ones that told me exactly what happened that fateful night. According to them, they were awaken by footsteps outside the house one quiet and warm night. My dad took out his gun and went outside to look around. There was no one there. They went back to bed, thinking nothing of what had just happened.

About a few minutes later, my mom heard my one-year old little brother crying. She walked into the bedroom and tried to quiet him down. Then, she decided to go get some milk for him. While in the kitchen, she heard laughter and giggles coming from my brother's room. She rushed there, with the bottle in her hand, and found my brother sitting on the floor, apparently playing with some invisible person. She placed him back into the baby crib and she said she was totally freaking out. She gives my brother the bottle and returns to her own bedroom.

In bed, my dad suddenly said, "Maybe it's your Lola Suling". My mom was confused and my dad didn't realised what he just said. Lola Suling is my great grandmother who lived in the Philippines. I was her favourite grandson - well, that's what I was told.

In the morning, my grandmother who also lived with Lola Suling called. She informed us that Lola Suling past away the previous night. I was next to my mom when she was answering that phone call. My mom's face went so pale. So did my dad after mom told him what the phone call was about.

How did my dad know? My mom reckoned Lola Suling's spirit wanted to see me again. But the last time she saw me was when I was about 2 years old. She probably had mistaken my brother for me. It's just so spooky.


by Steve



Is She My Mirror Spirit?

Posted by snukij on August 23, 2011 at 4:25 PM Comments comments (3)

Mirror Spirit Photo


My mom had lots of miscarriages and was never supposed to be able to give birth. When she was pregnant with me she was sitting around a campfire with my dad and his friends. My dad's psychic and his friend is also psychic.

Mom kept seeing a little girl with long brown hair, blue eyes and wearing a white dress. And the little girl kept poking mom, giggling and then disappearing.

My dad's friend asked mom if she knew that she was getting poked by a spirit and mom said yes.

Mom and I both almost died when I was born.

When I was 12 a few of my friends told me that they saw a girl that looked like me but was wearing a white dress. One friend said she knocked on my door and I didn't answer. But she said she saw me wearing a white dress go upstairs. But I wasn't home that day. I never told my friends about the story of the little girl until after they said they saw her. I used to kind of sense when she was around but I can't anymore. I'm wondering what she might have been? And why she looked like me?


by Katie


The Voice

Posted by snukij on July 7, 2011 at 2:20 PM Comments comments (2)

The Voice of Ghost


Back in 2003 I was living in a duplex apartment with my roommate in the city of Rialto in Southern California. I was home alone and like I would spend most my time I was sitting in front of my computer surfing the internet.

I have lived here for a while and ever since I moved in I felt a strange presence in the apartment. I often was alone there but I always thought there was a ghost or something living there with us. The weird thing is that the feeling that I had and that my friend had was that it was a female ghost that was living there with us.

So anyway there I am home alone and im playing my guitar in front of the computer and suddenly I hear a haunting female voice say “I can hear you”. I stopped playing and quickly turned around looking to see if anyone came home. No one was home I was alone. I checked my computer to see if a popup window opened or anything for an excuse or reason for the voice. But it suddenly became clear that i was home alone. I started to play my guitar again to see if the ghost voice would speak again but this time I asked out loud “is anyone there?”

To my surprise I heard the ghost voice again say “I can hear you.” I started freaking out because this ghost, this voice was actually answering me. I mean I have gone through life seeing strange haunting things one could only associate with a haunted house or a spirit, ghost, what ever you want to call it but this time the ghost actually spoke back to me. So now I was a lil freaked out and started to pack up my guitar and the ghost voice spoke one more time, this time she said “Don’t you love me anymore?”

What do you say to something like that? Especially if you live in this house and now I have a female ghost asking if I love her? Well I did what anyone would do and I left the house lol. I called my friend to come over and hang out with me but didnt tell him what happened.

He and I were watching TV and we were going to get some food but I decided to take a shower first. I never mentioned what happened earlier that day and he watched TV while I got ready to leave. While I was getting out the shower I hear my friend start yelling my name Randy, Randy!!! I open the door and ask whats happeneing and he’s sitting on the couch freaked out. I put on my clothes and go out to the living room and he starts to tell me that he heard a womens voice start asking “if he loved her” while I was in the shower. I told him what happened earlier that day and we left the house.


by Anonymous

Childhood Friend

Posted by snukij on June 12, 2011 at 6:00 PM Comments comments (3)

 Photo of Tombstone


A friend of mine told me this about his grandfather, David. When his grandfather was young he rode a motorcycle everywhere. He worked and lived in the city, but his parents lived in a small village. One night when he was coming to his family home after 3 years he saw an attractive woman walking along the road in the same direction he was going. He stopped and realized that it was his childhood friend and neighbor, so offered her a ride home. It was a cold night and it was starting to rain so he let her wear his jacket. The next day he realized that she still had his jacket so went over to her house. Her recognized the old couple that came to the door. He remembered they were her parents, so he said "your daughter was walking along the road last night and I gave her ride home, it was a cold night so I let her borrow my jacked and I think she still has it. I just came over to pick it up." The old woman started to cry and David wondered what was going on when her father replied. "Son, I’m afraid our daughter was hit by a biker down the road and passed away about a year ago." He was both sad and frightened at the same time. After leaving her house he went to the cemetery to lay flowers on his old friend’s tomb stone. As he approached her tombstone he saw his jacket neatly folded beside it.


by Anonymous

Don't Play Ouija

Posted by snukij on June 11, 2011 at 5:40 PM Comments comments (1)

Ouija    Board Picture

I am in my late 30s and now living in Massachusetts where I grew up. I was a middle child of five in a very close family. When we were really young, my two younger sisters and I were always fascinated with the unknown. We would look in the obituaries in the newspaper to see who had recently passed away and we would have séances in our garage with some other local neighborhood kids. Usually nothing would happen, but a couple of times some weird things happened that we just could not explain.

When my sisters and I were in high school, we learned about Ouija boards. We bought one and began to play with it. Two of us would get on it and the other would write everything down. At first it was fun. We talked to several different spirits that told us where they were from and about their families, etc. This went on for weeks, then gradually things started getting a little scary. Eventually, every time we got on the board, the same spirit would come on, who was not very nice. He told us he was the devil and he was going to get us somehow. He called him self "Zozo." When a friend of ours confronted our priest about this name, he got very angry and told us we should not be playing with Ouija boards; they were not toys and we could get into trouble. He gave his Sunday sermon on the subject.

Needless to say, we stopped playing with it. Then, while still in high school, one of my sister's best friends lost her sister in a van accident. She and her sister were very close. She knew of our adventures with our Ouija board and begged my sister to let her come over and use it to talk to her deceased sister. Hesitantly, my sister sat down with her and contacted her sister with the board. Her friend bawled and told her sister how much she loved her and missed her. She didn't want to live anymore without her and wished she could be with her. About two weeks later, my sister's friend died... in a van accident - exactly the way that her sister had died. My sister took the Ouija board and put it out with the trash, and none of us has touched one since.


by Anonymous

Red Eye

Posted by snukij on May 1, 2011 at 2:50 PM Comments comments (0)

Red Eye


A couple of years ago, when I was 23 years old... my car broke down and I drove as far as it would go. I ended up in front of an old beat-up house. I walked up to the scratched, old and worn out door. I knocked a couple of times until a sweet little old couple answered. They insisted that I stay until the morning when they could get some help.At first I was scared to say yes but I thought they were nice enough, so I took them up on their generous offer. They cooked me a delicious meal and we all went to bed. As we passed a door to go to the bedroom they showed me was mine for the night they told me, "Do not go into our daughter's room". I thought it was kind of strange but it wasn't my house so I respected their request.I woke up in the middle of the night around 3 o'clock to go to the bathroom. I was curious so I peeked under the door of the daughter's room. I saw a little girl sitting in a chair facing the wall. I assumed she must have been punished and did not want me to bother her. So I went to the bathroom and then back to bed.A couple of hours later, around 4:30 am, I became real thirsty. I needed to get some water so I got back up and headed for the kitchen. As I passed by the daughter's room, I was still so curious. I peeked in the key hole this time. All I saw was red so I assumed they must have painted the whole room red, including the key hole.When I woke up in the morning, I went downstairs and thanked the old couple very much for letting me stay. They said it was no problem and asked how my night was. I said "it was good" and complimented them on the color of the paint job in their daughter's room. They said "what paint job". I then asked if their was anything special about their daughter. They said she died a couple of years ago and had one red eye.


by Nick

Yellow House

Posted by snukij on April 3, 2011 at 3:30 PM Comments comments (0)

Haunted Yellow House


A few years ago, two friends of mine, who were living together, moved into a 100+ year old house in the small mountain town where we all worked. The rent was cheap, and it was one of the few places in the town that was available. A classic, yellow Victorian house. After being there a week, two things dawned on them. One was, for some reason, they hadn’t bothered to sleep upstairs in the bedroom yet. They were sleeping on the floor in the living room, and hadn’t really questioned it or thought about it. The second thing was that their dog would never go up the stairs, and would sometimes stare and sniff and pace at the bottom of the stairs, barking at the landing and window that were halfway up the stairs. So the evening they realized this, they decided to sleep upstairs, but couldn’t bring themselves to do it. They weren’t scared or uncomfortable in the house- but they also just somehow wouldn’t go upstairs, especially at night. They had a mutual friend of ours being incense and smudge the house, letting the sage smoke waft through every room. But that didn’t seem to help.After they had been there a few weeks, and were still sleeping downstairs, a neighbor introduced himself. “So it’s just the three of you in the house?”, he asked. “Three of us? There’s just the two of us”, said one of my friends.“Well, maybe one of your grandmothers has been visiting?”“No. What did you see?”Almost every night, when your staircase light is on, I see an old woman, rocking and looking out the window. You guys are pulling my leg. There’s an old women living in there, and you know it.”My friends stayed at a friend’s house that night, and moved out two days later.


by Anonymous


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